Answers to Intercultural Questions

Consulting Service

  1. Basic one - day Seminar: Chinese Principles

    In this seminar, participants are introduced to the differences of behavioral patterns and models that exist between German and Chinese persons as well as to the principle differences of formative influence exerted by the respective culture. Illuminating explanations are given as to why these patterns are the way they are - both from the Chinese and the German point of view.

    Target group: Members of the board, the management, head(s) of China activities, as well as other employees regularly involved in China business.

    Seminars 2016, dates and places

    As to be arranged upon your request or at the following places
    Bad Homburg, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai

  2. Seminars individually arranged to your interests and needs

    Individual compilation of topics from a range of 20 subject areas divided into 125 key subjects. Duration: half-day to one week. You may choose between seminars based on presentations only and workshops involving the active participation of participants.

    Target group: Members of staff in regular contact with China

  3. Staff recruitment in an intercultural environment

    In the course of this seminar, we will discuss in detail the causes of misunderstandings and misconceptions frequently occurring between German and Chinese members of staff.

    Find out the skills, knowledge and competence a German member of staff is required to have to be successful in China and which additional requirements are essential for a candidate. These include, among other things:

    • Intercultural competence
    • The ”paternal role“ an executive is expected to adopt in China
    • ”Westerners“ and their suitable functions
    • How to avoid unintentional breach of secrecy

    Target group: HR, heads of HR

  1. Executive China Coaching

    Use the opportunity of a private conversation with me to get answers to your specific questions and issues resulting from the different points of view of your staff acting in China on the one hand and the requirements going along with the long-term and strategic perspectives pursued by your management on the other.

    The knowledge and insights imparted to you refers to and explains the cultural influences the likely problems or seemingly unintelligible acts and behaviours of your counterparts may be attributed to and shows you how they may be avoided or at least moderated in effect.

    Target group: members of the board, CEO, CFO, COO, HR

  2. Individual trainings for private and business people, expatriate trainings Seminar

Language: German

Dates and places to be arranged according to your needs.

Fees as to be agreed. All consulting and other services are provided subject to my General Terms of Trade.