Answers to Intercultural Questions


Joachim Nagel has more than 47 years of experience in intercultural global business. Already in the 1960's he laid the foundation to pursue his global interests and carried out negotiations with business partners from all around the globe. In the year 1967 he temporarily transferred the centre of his business and private life to the Far East and deepened his insight into the rich variety of Chinese negotiating tactics in the context of his business activities.

Since this time he has been establishing and setting up a network comprising cultural, political, and business spheres.

His current domicile is Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt/Main, Germany, where he lives together with his Chinese wife. The focus of his work lies on strategic conflict management for German and Chinese trade partners.

"Many years of practical experience have taught me how difficult it is for us Europeans to understand the point of view of our Chinese business partners. It needs quite a few conscious observations and some careful consideration to understand the differences that exist in terms of political or business conceptions and ideas - to make them meet, strategically favourably, to form a satisfactory whole." Joachim Nagel