Answers to Intercultural Questions


Dr. K.S. August 2014, Beijing
Had a look at your new website – looks very good: clearly structured, informative, easy to handle.

F.H. August, 2014, Deutschland
my compliments for the design, layout and statements on the pages. An atmosphere of professionalism.

Publication: China as an Attractive Job Location for Foreigners July 2014 /career and job application/career/advancement & career

Lecture: Chamber of Commerce Darmstadt, Germany, Erfahrungskreis International
18th March 2014 „Successful business relations with Chinese“

B.H. February 2014, Wiesbaden, Germany
Your lecture had been very interesting. I do not yet have any businesses with Chinese. However I am interested as nobody knows what will be up...

P.H. February 2014, Wiesbaden, Germany
Your lecture on february 14th was highly interesting. I gained a lot of new impressions concerning doing business in China.

Lecture: Diplomatic Council, Frankfurt, Germany February, 2014
“negotiations with Chinese – do you understand your partner?”

Lecture: 1. Internationaler Stammtisch Wiesbaden, Germany, February 2014
„Do businessmen stumple in China?“

Publication: China Contact November 2013, page 43
„creative against the trend? Waking China’s potential“

Lecture: German Club Beijing, 13th October 2013

Lecture: Lions Club Eschenheimer Tor, Frankfurt, 17th January 2013
„Problems / Risiks for foreign enterprises in China“

Publication: China Contact August 2012, page 20
“Guide to well-rounded requirement profiles.“ Analysis questionnaire for staff recruitment in China

G.S. July 2012, Shanghai
Excellent seminar. Perfect setting. Unfortunately not many attendants.

Publication: China Contact August 2012, page 18
„Looking for the golden needle in a haystack“ Challenges in China business staff recruitment

W.B. May 2012
„My collegues and I would prefer a seminar about „How to deal with the ignorant staff in our headquarters“

Publication: China Contact April 2012, page 54
„Logical isn’t it?“ Logics and dynamics in negotiations and contracts

C.v.F. February 2012, Bad Homburg, Germany
"With great interest I followed your lecture about China. I would appreciate if you could lecture the same subject to the members of our association”.

E.S. January 2012, Yunnan
"Just some time ago I had time to read your presentation. Thank you for this excellent materials. You put a lot of work in your presentation. So, I could learn a bit more to understand Germans.”

Publication: China Contact January 2012, page 46
"When is your interpreter left speechless?” The special role of a language professional

Publication: China Contact November 2011, page 44
"Focussing on the person“. Higher standards for executives in China

Lecture: Bad Homburg, Germany, 25th October 2011
Subkommende of the order of Johanniter Bad Homburg „In between Konfuzius and consumtion – Chinese are searching“

S.G. July 2011, Shanghai
"Once more thank you very much for an agreable and interesting day. In your seminar I got lots of information rounded by a professional organization and excellent contents.”

M.S.-S. July 2011, Beijing
"I just returned to Germany following 10years staying in China. Let me know if I can be of any help to you.”

Dr. P. L., February 2011, Germany
"I personally like the offer very much. I think itìs really a niche in the market, and there are more and more companies that have business relations with China and Chinese people, and they are all in need of business advisers and consultants that have profound experience with Chinese culture, practice and customs. (Confucius says:"Consistency and steadiness always pay off!")"

H. S., February 2011, Germany
"…layout, style and presentation are quite well-done. Informal and clearly structured. Makes you curious. Rather promising concept and design."

Prof. Dr. T. W., February 2011, Germany
"I don't have any previous experience with China at all. But the information you provide really whets my appetite for more. Congratulations! No idea what could be improved."

F. H., February 2011, Germany
"You have put a lot of effort into creating the flyer and the information about the seminars on China offered by you. If one wanted to find fault with anything here one would have to have a degree in carping and nagging."

F. E., February 2011, Germany / China
"Thank you very much for your invitation. With my ten years of "experience with China" I cannot but fully agree with what you say."

Dr. P. S., February 2011, Switzerland
"Like it very much. Clear and neatly arranged, informative and really appealing."

T. N. , February 2011, USA
"This is truly an impressive presentation of your consulting activities and it represents a field of opportunity that is practically unlimited. Anybody who misses out on doing or starting up successful business with China now - the country that is soon going to be the largest economic power of the world - will be out of business in the near future."

K. T., February 2011, Germany
Looks very professional indeed! My compliments to you for what you have achieved! Anyhow I wish you many participants for your seminars. I think that they are provided with important and absolutely useful information for relatively little money compared to similar seminars offered in this field.

J. M., June 2010, Germany
"…I found your homepage most interesting to study and I'm deeply impressed by how aptly you talk about and describe Chinese mentality. I would be glad to get into contact with you."

Lecture: 2nd China-Symposium of Rudolf Röser AG 20th November 1998
„Chances for the german dental industry based on the exprience of Heraeus Kulzer“

Quintessenz Publishers Berlin: Beijing, China, November 7-9, 1985
„The first international Beijing Symposium of Dentistry“
“The first international Beijing dental trade Exhibit” directory page 32
“Kulzer-Exportmanager Nagel, an experienced Chinahand for years. He as well was satisfied with the results of the exhibition.“