Answers to Intercultural Questions


My consulting services include presentations, seminars and analyses.

There are 20 subject areas to choose from, including a total of 125 key subjects and topics. Duration of seminars: half-day to one week. You may choose between seminars based on presentations only and workshops involving the active participation of participants.

In the analyses, I offer you to focus on:

  • The current network of relationships of the members of staff of your company on the one hand and the one(s) of your partner(s) in China on the other to allow for an identification of the problems inevitably ensuing from this constellation.
  • The compilation and analysis of strategic decisions taken in the past and for which alternative approaches were not met with approval.

Seminars 2016, dates and places

As to be arranged upon your request or at the following places
Bad Homburg, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai

Intercultural seminars for your success in business

Benefit from the 47 years of practical experience in China and with Chinese people I have been able to gather both as business man and private person. Gain insights into my personal experience and revealing moments in contract negotiations of almost any kind and in situations of everyday life I have come across as a businessman as well in and as a member of a Chinese extended family.

  • What motivates Chinese people to work for your enterprise?
  • Which staff-retention-program reduces fluctuation considerably?
  • Which atmosphere at work is particularly promising?
  • Which management tools should you prefer and which ones had you better steer clear of?
  • How to identify and deal with the cultural, guanxi and party influences each of your Chinese members of staff - from common worker to chairperson – is subject to?
  • When and why are your Chinese employees creative?
  • How to conduct successful contract negotiations with Chinese partners?
  • The significance of written agreements in China?
  • Key aspects of staff recruitment, retention and management in China

In my seminar you will find out about the strategies your Chinese partners may use in negotiations by applying stratagems. Is it really all about deception, tricks and cunning or is it rather a common and trusted negotiation technique with a long tradition in Chinese culture? The contents of my seminar will help you to identify and understand the patterns of thinking and behavior applied by Chinese members of staff and to gain their loyalty.

I have decided to and, in fact, specialized in relating my practical experience –and I still keep on learning new things!– in my seminars to you in German because this way it is possible to share my knowledge with you and help you to benefit from it in the most effective way, keeping the inevitable loss of information in communication as low as possible.

All consulting and other services are provided subject to my General Terms of Trade.